I'm about to pull the trigger on an Olympus D-OM5, any recommendations?

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Re: I'm about to pull the trigger on an Olympus D-OM5, any recommendations?

For my taste, your lens choices have too much overlap.  And, in my opinion (your milage may vary), the OM-D is made for fast primes, not zooms.

Personally, my choice has been:

12mm, 45mm, 75mm on the OM-D, plus

17mm on an E-P3.

The 12mm is my favorite - the 45 and the 75 are for when I really need to get closer.  I'm starting to feel the need for a 135mm....and then perhaps a 250mm.

Not relevant to your choices, I also have adapted an ancient 500mm mirror lens for the OM-D.  It does what it does very well.

These choices are influenced by the fact that I also have an E-30 with the 11-22mm and the  50-200mm  and the 50mm macro.  But, I find myself using these less and less.  Essentially, I use the OM-D (mostly with the 12mm) for handheld work, and reserve the E-30 (with the 50-200mm) for work involving a monopod (or tripod).

You mention the OM-4 - back in the day, I preferred the odd-numbered OM's.  I started with an OM-1 and still have an OM-3Ti Anniversay Edition - now re-purposed for B&W film.  The 500mm mirror was scavenged from the OM-3Ti kit.  Nothing else really makes much sense.

As a former transparency shooter, I used to find value in zooms to produce precise framing.  These days, I don't really see why you can't simply shoot a little wider and crop in post-processing.  The benefit is a faster, smaller, lighter lens.

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