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Re: Photo Edit Application

All Corels versions of PSP seem to have issues untill a patch or two comes out. X5 occasionally crashes when merging the last 2 layers and seems to cause LR to slow down when PSPX5 is running. I work around those issues until a patch comes out. I also have PSPX2 which has no issues at all for me other then not having a 16 bit workflow and access to Niks filters that came with X5. X5 is the best so far once the issues get worked out ( lets hope).

I tried Gimp a few year back, no comparison to PSP. You can often get PSP for $29-39, that should not be a problem for anyone into photography. You would think going from PSP to PS woud be easy but its far from it. Way too steep of a learning curve for me to find the time to re-learn everything over again. Otherwise I would have left PSP a long time ago.

I really like LR though. It works well with PSP.

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