The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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Re: True

So by fanboy as you say, I'm what?

Why don't you just say "stupid old man" or do you hide behind a non word or adjective?

If you mean a person who likes Sony and it's photography equipment find a new adjective.

Now you also have Decided that using demeaning words makes you eloquent, but the contrary is reality.

Holy is funny.  Wholly?

The poster minced no words calling them unethical, they milk people and do things in an illegal manner and are unprofessional.

Canada is not litigious like the US but even here a corporation is considered a person and you cannot say those things without careful and reasoned structure to your thesis.

i suppose in the posters mind other companies are different.  My dealing with Sony Canada are fine, reasoned, and   Above reproach.

As far as my opinion, you, your fanboy attempt at a direct insult, and the horse you rode in on, can pack a snack and find another forum to ply insult to people you don't know, and don't care about.  No wonder society spirals downward.  Caring, consideration, and respect are passé, and vulgarity is ruling the day.

I am locating the ignore button and will be happy to no longer have to see your posts.  I sincerely hope others follow my action and marginalize your stay amongst those who prize honour and virtue above small mindedness.

mes condolences les plus incinceres, a votre chute.

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London, Ontario, Canada.

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