d800 worth +1400$ over the 5dm2 ?

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Re: d800 worth +1400$ over the 5dm2 ?

sotirius wrote:

@echelon2004 You have a good point, but I have never used a Nikon so I don't know what I will be missing out on. @kb2zuz Of course I don't plan printing at 36Mp all the time, though it would be useful if the camera had 36Mp just in case. Another reason is when offering my services to a client, it sounds much better to them when you say you have a camera with 36Mp Vs 21Mp.

21MP is still impressive, and many people were printing very good quality 20x30" prints from the Mk II.

-ISO- I don't know how much I need, probably a good 3200 or a useful reduced image size at 6400. My 450d allows me to shoot acceptable JPEG images at ISO 400 (however the noise in the shadows area is driving me crazy) and web resolution ISO 800 shot in RAW. I need a wedding photographer to let me know which ISO they find themselves using in low light churches, but most of the local ones won't tell you anything as they fear from competition.

If you have wide aperture lenses, if you have a camera that you are comfortable at 1600, you should be good for most situations. Of course there can always be a situation that challenges any camera (you show me a camera that works well at 12,800 ISO and I'll find you a situations where you need 50,000...)

-We all know Canon is the worst at DR, it is impossible to retrieve detail in the shadow's area without introducing large amounts of noise. Also night photography is a bit of a nightmare, as it is hard to fix the blown out highlights-hardly any detail in them. DR isn't a big issue for me as I usually nail the correct exposure in my JPEGS, but it always comes in handy to have a better sensor.

Just remember, DR will mean practically nothing if you're shooting JPG. Most of that extra information is lost if you are not shooting RAW. Nikon has an advantage with DR, but there are limits.

Best advice I can give you is to try both systems out if possible. Sometimes if you have a local dealer who also rents cameras, they might work a deal where if you rent a camera and then buy it they will refund the rental cost. Spend some time with them and see what you're comfortable with. Some people also just get very used to the way a Nikon or a Canon is laid out and dislike the way the controls are different.

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