Scratches Sensor Filter or something else?

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Re: Scratches Sensor Filter or something else?

Hmmmmm? Dust bunnies or specs on the sensor usually don't show like this.  Both images were taken with wide lens settings, one at f3.5 and the other at f22.  I don't think its dirt on the sensor, both patterns on the photo look identical.  Have you tried another lens?  If its the sensor I think its more likely to be a pixel issue than dirt.

Stop down to f22 and take a picture of a white wall or the sky, focus doesn't matter here.  View the photo in your editor, make it bright and you should see all the dust bunnies.  They will be small spots and scattered around the picture.  These are easily removed with correct cleaning, repeat another photo and you can see if they are all gone, usually hard to remove every one first go but you will see another pattern.

Stick your lens cap on and take a photo, have the aperture set at its widest f number.  Damaged pixels should be really obvious, it should be the pattern you have displayed here.

Damaged pixels can be mapped out using on line software, go Google.  I have a D70 and did it a couple of times when the camera was quite new, Fixed the problem.

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