DXO sensor scores for X-Pro1?

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
Zardoz Senior Member • Posts: 1,249
Re: DXO sensor scores for X-Pro1?

This DxOMark conspiracy nonsense has got to stop. You have zero evidence of DxO holding back results for any reason other than to verify that they have tested correctly. You're also VASTLY overestimating how much of an effect DxOMark and similar technical tests affect the sales of a particular camera. Only a small subset of potential buyers care, or would even bother to look. It's all about the marketing and channel access.

If you're desperate for results, look at the DxOMark for the Nikon D7000. The X-Pro 1 (and X-E 1) has the same sensor. The scores won't be identical due to the silly X-Trans CFA and differing camera electronics and processing. The low-light ISO will be 2800-3000, the color depth around 21 bits, and 13 Evs dynamic range.

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