Workaround for Spectraview II Mountain Lion issue?

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Re: Workaround for Spectraview II Mountain Lion issue?

DWR0082 wrote:

NowzTheTime wrote:

My setup included dual p221w monitors. SpectraView 2 recognizes and calibrates one, but cannot communicate with the other. Monitor 1 is seen and calibrated. Monitor 2 cannot be communicate to. I've removed Monitor 1, and SpectraView remains unable to communicate to Monitor 2. I wonder if the problem lies with firmware in the monitor. No matter how I have attempted to trick my Mac Pro into believing there is only one monitor, removing preference files, using different connection port on the graphics card, etc, SpectraView 2 consistently cannot communicate with Monitor 2.

Well don't waste your money on the 5770! I just did. Installed the board today, and....same problem! There is no NVidia components!!!

Wow sorry to hear that buying the ATI card didn't help. I can understand having compatibility issues right out of the gate but it's been released for several months with no update from NEC yet.

My screen is nearly 5 years old maybe it's time to get a different brand and move on.


After several emails with NEC the issue with the ATI Radeon 5770 and SpectraView 2 'No Communications' error is resolved.  The option under the OSD advance menu Tab 5, DDC/CI was disabled on the misbehaving monitor.  Once the option was enabled everything work correctly.  Phew!  Thought I wasted my money!!

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