Found my 'eye', and lost my mind. . . (un-methodical test of new lens)

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Re: Found my 'eye', and lost my mind. . . (un-methodical test of new lens)

Hi Bob,

+4 on these three being my favorites. Great shots as usual. The mood and feel of this first one is just so New York. The composition in the Circle Line is fantastic - it's clean and works so well with the light. As to the Fish Market, I'm glad sgoldswo pointed out, but it totally reminds me of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The color is eery cool (though maybe the shadows were pulled up a bit too much?).

I live in Northern NJ and pretty much never get in to the city for non-social events. But the more I see your night shots, the more I realize that I have to hop on the train with camera in hand and walk around the city at night. Looks so fun.


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