Pentax sensor died...whats the longevity of ccds?

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Pentax sensor died...whats the longevity of ccds?

Joseph Tainter wrote:

BobORama wrote:

I don't know if this camera has a live view mode, if it looks OK on the screen during live view, everything is working, that reduces the issue to the SD card.

It's an *ist D--Pentax's first DSLR, from 2003. It long predates live view.

The OP's main problem is that Pentax probably no longer has replacement sensors for it.


is 10 years so bad for a camera lifetime - considering the electronic age? Yeah some people will now bring up their manual shooters that lasted 30 years, but there was really much less that could actually break on these cameras then. I asume a replacement sensor would cost much more than a used body..

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