d800 worth +1400$ over the 5dm2 ?

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Re: d800 worth +1400$ over the 5dm2 ?

@echelon2004 You have a good point, but I have never used a Nikon so I don't know what I will be missing out on. @kb2zuz Of course I don't plan printing at 36Mp all the time, though it would be useful if the camera had 36Mp just in case. Another reason is when offering my services to a client, it sounds much better to them when you say you have a camera with 36Mp Vs 21Mp.
-ISO- I don't know how much I need, probably a good 3200 or a useful reduced image size at 6400. My 450d allows me to shoot acceptable JPEG images at ISO 400 (however the noise in the shadows area is driving me crazy) and web resolution ISO 800 shot in RAW. I need a wedding photographer to let me know which ISO they find themselves using in low light churches, but most of the local ones won't tell you anything as they fear from competition.
-We all know Canon is the worst at DR, it is impossible to retrieve detail in the shadow's area without introducing large amounts of noise. Also night photography is a  bit of a nightmare, as it is hard to fix the blown out highlights-hardly any detail in them. DR isn't a big issue for me as I usually nail the correct exposure in my JPEGS, but it always comes in handy to have a better sensor.
-AF,How sophisticated should it be? I can't comment on that one either, as I haven't used a camera with more than 9 AF points (1 cross type sensor), so I don't know how much I am missing out on. My 450d would struggle badly in low light if it wasn't for the AF light assistance.
As you say, the popup is very handy for situations when you don't have an external flash.
I wouldn't consider the d600(1800$) as it is 650$ less than the d800(2450$), and the 1/4000 would be a deal breaker, at least for me. I have found that even good ND filters reduce image quality, and i would be needing to put them on/off in situations that can't be missed. 
I will try to ask a wedding photographer in this forum or anywhere else to tell me, If they think the d800 is a huge improvement over the 5dm2, based on their personal experience. I know it is a better camera, but do they find themselves never using the 5dm2 after the d800(5dm3) came out... That should have been my question(That's the answer I need)

@Vernon D Rainwater I got mine from ebay.com.au I live in Australia and there is this seller selling them by the method of highest bidder. They sell from 1300-1550$ at his store. I was lucky to win it for 1100$. My highest bid was 1200$, but probably i would be selling the camera for some profit and go with the d800. 
Thank you all for you input I appreciate it.

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