what's a good monopood ?

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Re: what's a good monopood ?

Monopods, although lighter than tripods, are almost as unwieldy to carry. I use a pocketable tabletop tripod with a swivel ball head. It can be held by one hand firmly against any solid surface (wall, tree, lamppost, etc.) to hold a camera still, whilst being operated by the other hand. At a pinch, when not near a firm surface, I hold it against my sternum and upper ribs to steady a camera - though this obviously does not work for time exposures.

Shi Yali wrote, 5 Mar. 2009, suggesting the cheapest and smallest monopod: “It's easy to make your own monopod (and much cheaper). Buy a light aluminum walking stick. Screw a bolt that fits into the tripod socket through the handle and you are done. I used one of those nice collapsable walking sticks. It has a choice of rubber or point at the end, so I can stick it into grass or dirt. Works quite well.”

If you get two collapsible walking sticks you can use their parts together to make a folding monopod of a more reasonable height.

tutam wrote, 4 Mar. 2009: “never used a monopod, but it just occured to me that you might want to check out this: http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/003120.php

You might also consider: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Steady-a-Camera-with-String/


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