Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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Re: Good choice, whatever other people say.

Each brand camera has their own unique image color rendering style, you select what you like. It is not this brand is better than that brand. And also each brand camera has their own strength and weakness, there is no perfect camera out there. I invest in the brand which I am most happy to shoot with it.

For Olympus, the strength is lens, OOC Jpeg, vivid 3D life live and clarity picture, Image stabilizer system in camera, camera built quality and weather proof camera. The weakness is picture noise, high ISO, lower picture dynamic range, CAF system and low light AF. I take less sport pictures then it is not much concern for my type of shooting (Portrait and landscape).

I am coming from Canon 5D MK2 with manual Leica R lenses and then start to buy Olympus E1, Panaleica 25mm F1.4, Olympus 35-100 F2, 14-35mm F2, 7-14mm F2, 150mm F2, EX1.4, EX2, flash FL50R and Olympus E5. I enjoy Olympus E5 a lot and I think this is a good timing investment in Olympus system. I bought through eBay and get a good deal. The system is competent more than my requirement. Now I am looking forward to take pictures, not gear.

Wish you enjoy and confident in your camera system.

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