Epson R1800 which colors in nozzle check pattern

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Re: Epson R1800 which colors in nozzle check pattern

I found several sites with interesting PDI test images which look promising. Two sites go into heavy detail for calibrating printers. This is more than I need but interesting nonetheless. I will also look ito Quad Tone Rip.

Thank you for your advice.

Nick Geti

Taurus43 wrote:

RailroadMan wrote:

Also does some one have a file that lets me print only one of the colors on a full page of paper as I choose in order to test just that nozzle?

You cannot print purely from one channel using the normal printer driver. Every colour that you try to print will use inks from more than one channe so the result can be very confusingl. You need a RIP (Raster Image Processor) to print individual channels. If you really think you need to do this then take a look at QuadToneRip - it will certainly allow you to do this on your R1800.

Use the normal nozzle check to see if all channels are working. Then use a "standard" test image to confirm that the colour is correct. Google will give you many links to test images - I normally use the PDI Test Image as a first shot.

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