Olympus returns to profit *some folks will be disappointed*

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Re: Olympus returns to profit *some folks will be disappointed*

There is very little good news in the camera market.

I think pretty much everyone accepts that the p&s market is finished it simply cannot compete with the smartphones where the camera is simply a commodity in a commodity product.

For mirrorless it maybe gaining market share in the ILC market against traditional DSLRs but it is in the face of intense competition. New comers to the market such as Canon and Nikon (or relatively new like Nex) are the ones taking market share while Oly and Panny are drifting back.

It seems to me though that companies need to face the reality that it isnt actually an inherently good business. If you ask me, selling a mirrorless camera is effectively selling 'a sensor in a box'. Now of course there is a bunch of other stuff but it tends to be the 'sensor' that drives the upgrade path or new sale. What other difference is there really between an EPL3 and an EPL5?

And the reality of the situation is that most of these companies dont even make the sensor (and a couple who do are not competitive) so really their entire business is marketing someone elses sensor. All in all it seems an incredibly low quality, low value added business to be in.

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