Aperture 3 any good with Leica M9P dng files and Leica M-lenses?

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Aperture 3 any good with Leica M9P dng files and Leica M-lenses?

I really want to go all Apple and use Aperture to process & show my Leica M9 files and other files from other and earlier digicams like a 5D mk II.

Is Aperture the right program to handle all this? Or do I have to use LR4 that came with my new Leica M9 as it makes DNG raw files?

In my family we also use a 20D Canon DSLR, a Canon G7 and a Panasonic LX3.

We have used many digicams since 1996 and now have nearly 1TB / +300000 pics and 1TB of very large film files transferred from DV Tapes in different HD formats, the latest DV Film camera was a HD 1080 DV Canon HV20.

I also plan to scan part of my own and my fathers +4000 Kodachrome 64 mostly glass mounted slides using a Nikon CoolScan 4000ED or a newer Epson flatbed scanner if it is better and faster. This will result in a lot of very large files of up to 128MB files per slide. Can Aperture handle files this large?

Will Aperture om my iMac handle all our +300000 files and 1TB of HD DV films?

I store my files externally on two (original and backup) 4TB WD HDDs - USB3 <--> iMac 27 (Mid-2010), 2.93GHz quadcore Intel Core i7 processor with 4GB of DDR3 memory (upgradable to 16GB) and ATI Radeon HD 5750 GPU with 1GB of its own GDDR5.

The iMac is for working on the files using Aperture.

In our living-room upstairs we have a 46" Sony 1080 HD TV and a new 2012 Mac mini.

Installing Aperture also on the Mac Mini, the plan is to stream (802.11n) our pictures and films (for viewing only) from the 2 HDDs downstairs connected to our iMac 27".

One important aspect for using Aperture om both the iMac and the Mac Mini is to access the information that I will wright to every file so that we can easily display searches, example pictures of our 8 years old son playing with grandmother or "family vacation 2010, Air and Space Museum Washington DC." Or "all pictures of my Father"

Does "places" and "faces" work well?

Our Wi-Fi Router is the Apple AirPort Extreme.

Will this work?

Best Regards


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