Best software for printing from a MAC, alternative to Qimage?

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Re: Best software for printing from a MAC, alternative to Qimage?

Another win user comment:

I started with QImage Pro because PSPPX3 while giving a soft proof would not color manage the printer. In other words you had to set the printer profile in PSPPX3 and insure the same profile was set in the printer driver. In QImage Pro or better you set the monitor and printer profiles, set the printer color management to none (just like PS and PSE) and it drives the printer for CM and also gives a verifying soft proof. In addition the print sharpening option works very well without introducing noise or artifacts even on images already sharpened in your image editor.

Although it is not a current product and only supported by a knowledgeable user community it is still available.

I just upgraded to QImage Ultimate for its RAW processor because of its new sharpening algorithm and am getting used to it. I crop, size, adjust color and toning, and sharpen, output to tif, finish pp in PSE10, and take it back to Q for printing.

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