Where's the speed?

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
ragspix Senior Member • Posts: 1,028
Re: I'm sure they will have higher FPS Body; I'm sure too...

Can you speak to how the V1 handles these more difficult types of conditions?

The N1 system uses a dual function AF. I don't know the engineering, but it did focus well in low light, but didn't produce a good image because of other factors. I shot "Cirque" in the dark & it seemed equal to my 300S & 700; but not the images.

I shot in difficult conditions frequently with my 300s & D700; in desert racing & foggy surfers, where AF needs to be overridden due to low contrast.

I believe the N1 system uses colors also, but check that statement out.

They also use a different sensor (not Sony), which may explain some of the imaging issues


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