Looking for more sharpness

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Majoren wrote:

Try this:

Take a shot you think is sharp but you dont think is sharp enough.

Have it printed in two sizes on a real photoprinter - pick a proffesional online printing service.

these to sizes:

4x6 inch (10x15 cm)

4x6 feet (60x90cm)

Put the big one up on a wall and leave the small one on at frequent seen spot, ie. kitchen table or on the fridge.

Leave them there for two weeks and then re-think:

On a daily basis ? - Do I really miss any details one the big one?

- If yes, then you got a really bad copy of the 7D + a sh.tty copy of the 17-55...

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And if you often print 12x8 feet then consider MF camera's.......

nuf said,

You could consider a (used?) 5DII with the 35 f2(old version) , 50 f1,4 and 85 f1.8

and sell the 7D + 17-55


I understand waht you are saying.  When I do print stuff I am always happy with the sharpness I have achieved.  I guess I'm looking for that studio sharpness but I know I'm never going to get that without being in a studio under controlled lighting, but I did want to achieve something close for portraits.  I did take pics of a friends daughter the other day and we got the prints back from WHCC and the 11x17's that we got done were great I think.

Maybe I am over thinking this.  I lso gues I don't know what is considered sharp at a 100% crop.  Maybe what I'm looking at is sharp enough, but I know at times that things aren't as sharp as they could be and that would be on me.


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