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Re: Looking for more sharpness

Matty W wrote:

Why do you need more sharpness? The 17-55mm is phenomenally sharp by f4 or f5.6 and good even wide open. I'm not sure you'll find something a lot better.

For the biggest increase in sharpness, I'd go full frame. The difference is significant and worse lenses perform better. The 50mm f1.2 L is softer than the 50mm f1.4 and 50m f1.8 (assuming you get a good sample) at normal stops (f4-f8), but it has better bokeh and is good wide open.

I'd go full frame.

As for lenses, you can see here that the 24-70mm II lives up to the hype and the Tamron is not as good:


Thanks Matty,

I read the review on the Canon.  It seems like a great lens.  I would love to go full frame now but it's a HUGE price jump being that  I would need a new lens for the full frame also at the same time being my lens now is for crop body only.  I think this place was thinking that it would be a great way to get me going in 2 phases.  One to have a sharper lens but also to have the lens I need when I go full frame.  It seems like from the review that it competes with primes for sharpness also.  I actually can't wait to compare them this weekend now cause the review vs what I was told is two polar opposites!


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