Looking for more sharpness

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Matty W Regular Member • Posts: 206
Why stop?

If you're regularly printing large enough that sharpness is a real issue (and your photos are good enough to warrant the larger size and your technique or lens/body calibration is not an issue), then why not go after more sharpness? It's one improvement to your photos you can actually buy. And if your photos are already being shown in galleries, it's certainly worth the money.

The galleries I've seen of wall-sized prints made from 8x10 or 4x5 film are often very amazing; once you approach that level of detail you're working in an entirely different medium with different rules of composition and approach. No more HDR and UWA lenses, just elegant compositions that lead the eye through a vast amount of organized information. Sharpness is great.

That said, the 17-55mm is a very sharp lens. At f5.6 or f8, you won't find a lens that's dramatically better. Consider investing in a full frame body, maybe even the D800, if sharpness is that critical. Personally I find the step from 7D to 5DII/5DIII very significant, despite the small increase in pixel count.

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