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Re: SX50 first photos

Hi Lynn and Jason. I  am not an SX50 owner, but I do use the SX40 a lot for bird photography.  I think the problem with the cardinal is the 1/25 of a second shutter speed.   That's probably too slow even for Canon's excellent image stabilization..   The Junco is probably blurry because the shutter fired before the camera locked focus.  Jason's goldfinch looks reasonably sharp.

My standard setup with the SX40 is as follows.   1) I use a monopod and inexpensive ball head most of the time. I'm not sure if its necessary, but I figure its has to help and it makes using the LCD screen to compose much easier  It also makes it easier to hold the camera in place while waiting for the bird to land.  2)  I always use AV (aperture priority) mode because I always want the lens at max aperture to provide the highest shutter speed possible. 3) I set focusing to Flexizone and Servo, with Continuous  Focusing set to off.  4). I set the shutter to fire continuosly instead of single shot.

Also, I always try to use ISO 100 (in your case 80) if possible, with higher ISO used only if absolutely necessary. I typically aim at a point near where the bird will be, like a perch, depress the shutter half way and wait for bird to land. Then when bird lands, I move the focusing point from the branch to the bird. The servo keeps the camera focusing  while the shutter is half-way pressed.   Finally i depress the shtter all the way and hold it fown, taking about 6 or 7 pics. Even with this setup and a lot of  practice, I still have to take numerous shots to get a keeper.   But its all worth it when I do.

Hope this was helpful.  Good shooting!


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