New to X-Pro - common issues?!

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Re: New to X-Pro - common issues?!

Hi Mark - thanks for chiming in. I think I have resolved these issues now - looks like I received a copy which had a lot of stubborn dust/dirt on the sensor - I managed to get rid of most of it now. The "rings" you see on these test shots are just showing that there is a tonal gradient (light fall off) from outside of the image into the center. Not a big deal but will be interesting to see if it shows up in areas such as blue skies.

marike6 wrote:

You say Raw files : horrible??? I must be either insane, blind, or have some new updated version of Lightroom 4.2 that does OK with RAW, because to me they don't look dramatically different than the JPEGs.

The raw files aren't really the issue, it's more that LR/ACR doesn't do a great job processing them - the jpegs are much 'cleaner' throughout. I agree that the RAWs are usable though - and the images I processed did have a lot of high frequency detail where ACR seems to struggle most. I think for critical images I'll try other processors and/or modify my workflow.

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