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Ryan Williams wrote:

Hi guys,

I have an X-E1 on its way which is going to be my first 'system' camera, so looking after expensive lenses isn't something I've had to do before. After some research it's clear to me that I'll need to purchase some swabs and fluffy microfibre clothes to take care of foreign objects or substances that might make their way onto the lens.

What is the best course of action if, say, a bit of drizzle or a splash of water makes its way onto the lens? Would water drying on the lens damage the coating (We've all seen the marks water leaves on glass, right?), and thus should be gotten rid of immediately? Or is it safer to wait until I can clean the lens with appropriate equipment away from environmental factors?

A lot of places mention lens coatings but there's little information on how resilient these coatings actually are. Avoiding scratches is no problem, I know all about that.

I was also wondering what the sensor on the X-E1 specifically is like in terms of cleaning. If something gets on it is it safe to clean with swabs? Also, does it have a cap or something to stop it from getting stuff on it when the lens is detached?

For sensor cleaning, I would generally try avoid actually touching it or doing a wet cleaning if necessary. You should be able to solve most sensor dust issues by purchasing a blower like a Giottos blower to blow out the dust from sensor.

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