Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

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Re: tko, couldn't have put it better!

Jim N'AZ wrote:

tko wrote:

Always amusing when a poster decides to speak for an entire community.

"Older posters shoot JPEG because they are more experienced?"

"Honed our skills till we have found it unnecessary to shoot RAW?"

Excuse me while I die laughing. No wonder the RAW shooters have to respond. Trying to turn a deficiency into an advantage?

How about forgotten how to put in a good effort? No matter how you dance around, NOT doing something that would improve your photography isn't anythingthing to brag about. Yes, maybe it's not important to you. Yes, maybe it's not worth your time. Yes, maybe all you care about is the memories. All fine, but don't draw a group of people into your fantasies.

No, I don't want to see, nor do I care about your precious senior moments. I want great images that make me cry, make me laugh, make me want to travel, to fly. Produce something that makes me want to see it. Something you're proud of. Your best effort to date. Or keep it hidden from me.

"Not worth the time or effort?" I wouldn't brag about that. Not worth your time or effort. Maybe worth ours.

EvilOne wrote:

I find this thread very I pointed out in the first few threads... the name calling and mud slinging started with the guy who shoots RAW ONLY..... and thought that everyone who shot JPEG was Lazy...

then was hypocritical enough to use a signature line about rude and condescending will be ignored... First thing that guy should do is get rid of that signature ... its a joke.

Its obvious that some of us Older guys who have shot RAW for years and honed our skills to the point where we found it unnecessary to shoot RAW. Some of us have been doing this for 50 years and have been enjoying it for 50 years... Seems like only the insecure members are trying to ram it down the throats of those who have been doing this for half a century. The other point is those that are shooting JPG only are usually the older and more tenured photographer who after years of shooting have found that for the most part, the time they spend trying to make a RAW file look better is not worth the time or effort. Those who feel they need RAW, that's great... but don't tell us that we are lazy. Most of the mudslingers also think because they are using RAW that in someway that makes them more of a professional photographer. Most of us who have been around the block, know that's its all about the fun, and the memory, and not what someone else thinks or does. None of us snapshot and JPEG shooters are not trying to ram it down anyone's throat.. like those who seem to think they are teaching us something about photography.

TKO, I couldn't have put it any better than what you have just penned. I was finally past the long suffering sighing stage and going to reply, but you've said it more powerfully and eloquently than I could have.

Methinks the Emperor has no clothes on in here!


Regards, Jim

You've got that right Jim!

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- AlanS

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