E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

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Re: E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

micksh6 wrote:

The shot is probably nothing special. It's a big lizard (not sure which) that lives close to my work office. My colleague discovered it few days ago and I sometimes try to shoot it during the lunch.
But, the lizard usually hides so I knew I would get only couple of seconds before it flees. I also used Panasonic 45-200mm zoom which is not the easiest lens to work with at the long end.

A quick shot of lizard, E-PL5, 45-200mm

I won't win any contest with this shot, but since I didn't fail it, this proved that the camera works just fine for me, even with largish lens. The AF is quick and precise, I then tried it in darker environment. Handling is fine with large grip.
This is also not the best test for image quality because this lens isn't the sharpest one at long end. You can safely assume that E-PL5 has the same IQ as E-M5.

Now, info:
Smaller autofocus box. Look at this picture:

E-PL5 AF areas, by Robin Wong

It's from Robin Wongs' E-PL5 review. But he didn't explain how to get it.

  • Press left arrow in live view mode, AF area selection screen will appear
  • Press Info button for AF size selection mode
  • Press up or down buttons until you see the screen above.
  • OK.

Now this AF area will be saved until you change it, i.e. it will retain after you shut down the camera. To move the focus box, press left arrow in live view mode. Then punch touch screen in desired location or use up/down buttons.

If you punch touch screen without pressing left arrow you will select magnification box that also acts as AF box, in the same way as on previous Olympus cameras.

This new square AF box has much smaller width than 14x magnification box, but it's slightly taller than 14x box. Also, 14x magnification box on E-PL5 is slightly smaller than on previous Olympus cameras (at least more narrow).

Important thing is that, as opposed to using magnification box, with new small box you can keep blinkies or histogram on screen and still use small box.

This is of course the solution Oly should have had from the very beginning. Good to see it in place on the E-PL5. I am just hoping they will port the firmware and make it available on the E-M5 too. I am sure the job is a piece of cake but I am still not sure it will happen.

  • Another new thing for Olympus cameras - you can assign HDR bracketing to a button. E-PL5 has 4 configurable buttons.
  • I think display is a bit brighter than on last year Pens and even on OM-D - better visible in sunlight. But I will shoot comparison on weekend.
  • Also setting wheel seems to have a bit better quality than on last Pens.
  • Displays swivels 180 degrees.
  • In 8FPS burst mode the buffer is good for 16 shots or 2 seconds. Then you can continue shooting with about 1.5FPS or change some settings when buffer is flushed. It takes about 7 seconds to flush full buffer (RAW only), but that is on one of the fastest SD cards - Delkin 633x, 95MB/s read, 80MB/s write. I wouldn't use slower card.

And, get large grip, MCG-2, it helps ergonomics a lot:

E-PL5 with large grip (MCG-2). For comparison, black MCG-2 and original E-PL5 grip

Other than that, E-PL5 is E-PL3 with E-M5 sensor, image quality, touch screen and other E-M5 features such as live bulb and key line art filter, which works for focus peaking with manual lenses.

Didn't have time to test IBIS, will continue on weekend. IS in video is certainly software, but now it offers two choices: 1 - wobbly/jelly, similar to previous pens, and 2 (auto) no jello effect but some shaking left in video.

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