Do any MFT cameras have PDAF or "Hybrid" AF?

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Re: Do any MFT cameras have PDAF or "Hybrid" AF?

brunobarolo wrote:

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brunobarolo wrote:

Knowing that Sony meanwhile has the on sensor PDAF technology and that Oly buy their image sensors from Sony now, it's not that difficult to predict that at least high end Oly cameras will have on sensor PDAF quite soon.

Why should they? With the latest Oly's and Panny's, mFT already has demonstrated that they are able to realise a working C-AF without PDAF.

Well, as much as I like my EM5, my D700 simply plays in a different league for continuous AF. (Even with the OMD set to vivid and what not.)

I'd never contradict here. But it's a DSLR with an AF system that has been enhanced for some 20 (?) years. How good did it work three years after it was launched?

What we now need is just an adaptive silhoutte detection instead of face detection and the calculating power that enables the camera to find out if the silhouette is approaching and at what pace. Then, the CDAF will be able to outperform even the fastest PDAF systems.

And once the cats will be horses, we'll be able to ride up the trees.

Well - if we (and I don't mean us forum users but mankind) wouldn't think about new possibilities we still would be up there in the trees. And the step from face and eye detection to silhouette detection isn't exactly big - or is it?

And of course, a global shutter also would be helpful.

But PDAF? Thank you very much - been there, done that.

I for one would be very happy with an Oly PDAF system working as well as my Nikon PDAF system

If it came in a compact camera such as the E-M5, without a mirror and without PDAF pixels on the sensor that cost IQ I also would be delighted. But to be honest I don't see that. What I see, however, is an ongoing improvement of the CDAF-based C-AF. And I think the development will be much faster than the one witnessed in the past decades regarding the PDAF.

Yes yes, I know - it's only speculation. But based on the progress made in the past three years, I think this speculation is justified.

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