Who is disappointed with the Oly 45mm lens?

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Re: I wouldnt beat yourself up over this picture ...

yes I see what you are saying... it shows in the final 1:1 image you posted.  So the sharpening did emphasize a line that was already there...

Also there is a similar line along the top of the guys jeans ... about the same blur difference.  Again that looks more like a jolt of some kind.

Its difficult isn't it... I would definitely recommend shooting higher speeds - for a few test shots -just to eliminate subject movement from the equation... Put it on f/2.2 and shoot some stuff at 1/500 ... but try and choose something we know is definitely static... a brick wall or something...just so we can focus on the performance of the lens in isolation ... if that's sharp we can work back from there..

The next step if that was sharp would be to shoot a static subject at the 1/125 speed and then see if there was an issue then...

Finally move onto to shooting humans once the hardware is known good !!!

Best of luck

I still think the lens is probably ok but we really cant tell from that single shot for sure ...


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