Why 'Stops' for exposure?

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Re: Why 'Stops' for exposure?

Its a relevant question

I've not read the whole thread but a couple of issues emerge

small changes are not worth making as they can't be seen

the ISOless UI will eventually result in that dimension of image making being a completely post-capture process so you can have that as continuous as you like

subtleties of specific changes in f/ or shutter might be important at capture - so which is best f/6.37 or f/6.38 - and how will the UI operate that will allow you to change it quickly - at the moment I can switch between 20 or so positions whose behaviours I can predict and use to create art

I don't want to have to roll a wheel through five rotations to select a shutter speed to the nearest 1/1000's of a second - and there will ne no difference in selecting small differences - its a choice I don't need

the gradations don't have to be x2 appart but it mostly works

so stops don't have to be x2 but I don't want more than 20-30 gradations or I will not be able to predict the outcome


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