LX3 True 24mm?

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Re: LX3 True 24mm?

I was surprised at this, as well.

But didn't seems to bother me and my LX3 too much. ..more important was shooting RAW, to avoid the jpeg processing, in which the LX3 smooths out details, to reduce noise.

I did like the multi aspect ratio sensor, which as mentioned by Ross, allows for even wider than 24mm when shooting either 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

Check out the latest fix for the Panasonic FZ200:

Wow...vignetting big time on the RAW.

Fixed in jpeg  (or if I use proper RAW editor).

Dont go by the details is these shots, as the RAW is unconverted,using FastStone Image Viewer.I get a Huge color cast, so i just desaturated both images.....but they are same exact shot,followed by the corrected jpeg.

I first noticed it on a landscape shot (cant seem to find it now)

The un converted/fixed RAw had another person in the shot!!


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