Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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Re: RX100 Win Re: RX100 is beating G15 always -take a look- two more samples

Gwen22 wrote:

utomo99 wrote:

at this sample I can say RX100 win more details than G15

Thanks for sharing

G15 win on more zoom, price, hotshoe, OVF, Better Macro

Price it depending where you are living here in france the RX100 is very slightly less expensive ........ we may said at the same price.

The hotshoe and OVF are a plus for the G15 that' true but the Zoom in good light may be compensate by the higher MP count of the Sony.

In Indonesia, the price different is Huge.

G15 at Rp 5 Million

RX100 at Rp 7 Million

It mean 40% more than G15 price. Not a good things. Sony need to lowered the price if they want to sell more.

and also try to fix some problems

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