On consumerism, sales pressure, and the "need" to upgrade

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Re: I'm an advocate of high quality gear

I guess I need to clarify a bit. I am not "anti-technology" nor am I "pro Olympus." There will always be a time and place to upgrade. But making great photographs comes down more to talent and training as a photographer, than having the latest in camera technology. If you still need to develop the higher level of skills to warrant an upgrade, why do so?

Professional photographers and serious amateurs need better equipment than the majority. They are typically skilled enough to use and appreciate the increased performance, and am usually have a better budget than the average guy on the street. I hope to someday reach the point of being able to make full use of a top end camera system and having the kind of budget to allow me to do so, but I am not there yet (on either point).

Although it goes against the grain (we are all conditioned to want more), a pragmatic needs assessment can make the difference between enjoying a fun new  hobby with a good variety of second or third tier camera gear, or having a "better camera body" that is crippled by just one lens (or not being able to afford the entry price of D-SLR photography at all).

I would rather see more "picture makers" using older equipment with confidence, than "shot takers" armed with the latest in camera gear that get treated like a point and shoot camera because they don't know how to use it. I guarantee you, I know which group gets the better results...

Think of it another way. If a person can squeeze an extra year or two from that "old" camera system, and put the money saved towards a photography workshop or two, he or she will get more out of their new system when they finally do upgrade. If they are lucky, they might even get to skip a generation of camera upgrades, and get something really special.


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