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Re: Thanks and a question...

Ann Chaikin wrote:

I have a question though... you mentioned transmitting photos to a drive. Can you explain how that is done please?

I was referring to a recent review of the GH3 by Amateur Photographer linked to by 43Rumors posted this date.

Amateur Photographer said "From the HDM1 port video can be sent... making it suitable for saving straight to an external storage device or even to live broadcast"...

I assume from the above description you could save directly to a large external hard drive.

A separate review by Whatdigitalcamera also linked to by 43Rumors this date noted that this Wi-Fi functionality would require using a certain Pany Lumix software to enable the wi-Fi?

I have no idea just how it works outside of the above descriptions in these reviews but it sounds very promising to me as CD chips fill up much too soon or fill the HD on my camcorders so I use older tape drive cam instead.  By the time of your trip you should have more time to research this more thoroughly as more reviews on GH3 become available.

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