Do any MFT cameras have PDAF or "Hybrid" AF?

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Re: Do any MFT cameras have PDAF or "Hybrid" AF?

Shawn67 wrote:

"So why for heaven's sake should one use the C-AF for a static subject?"

Ever shot a baseball game? Lots of standing around (static object) before the action starts.

Well - you won't be standing there for minutes focusing, will you. If you know a sport you are able to anticipate when the action begins. But who catres - whren the action begins, the C-AF will work just fine.

Sometimes it is more precise, sometimes it isn't. Shooting moving objects my D700 PDAF is far more precise than the OMD. And that is with lenses on the D700 that have much less DOF. Shooting something like a candle in low light my D700 got the shot. CDAF couldn't do it as misfocusing was causing flare which had hard edges (higher contrast) and it was thinking it was locked on.

True: currently, the C-AF - and only the C-AF - of the top-class DSLR still is clearly superior to the one of the best mirrorless cameras. But the progress made with the E-M5 and the other recently launched µFT cameras demonstrate that it's just a question of time. The combination E-M5 / 75-300 already delivers on a solid level and I'm expecting another major step forward with the next generation. And I never had problems shooting burning candles.

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