Gx1 vs G5

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Re: Gx1 vs G5

After a long time and lots of good advice on this forum, I find my personal lens and body blueprint is taking shape. There are two kinds of m4/3rds system: the pocketable one, and the shrunken DSLR one. Each has its appropriate lenses.

So I have two systems: a smaller body, a GF1 that will be upgraded to a GX2 if it comes with an internal EVF, but I would be happy with a GX1.  This smaller body goes in a small bag or my pocket with the 20mm, the 14mm 2,5 when I get it or an OLympus 45mm. The bigger body, a G1 (that I will upgrade to a G5 perhaps) currently has a 14-45 that will soon be replaced by a 14-14Omm plus possibly a 100-300mm later.

I am not making a choice between theses two systems but looking for ways to afford both, remembering that lenses are more important than bodies over the long haul. The two systems do different jobs. Both bodies and all lenses go in the same quite small bag, but I find I take the GF1 with me more often if I am traveling light.

If a choice has to be made, a choice between the GX1 and G5 depends on the focal length one prefers, and whether one wants a pocketable system or one that balances larger and heavier lenses.  m4/3rds offers the "best" of both worlds.


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