A99 the end of flash photograpy?

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Re: A99 the end of flash photograpy?

Takuya wrote:

All that said, after reading your other posts I can see that you weren't generalizing the non purchase of the A99 down to just not having a flash. There seems to be a lot more reasoning behind it, which escaped your original post. From reading just that, it seemed that the lack of flash (to shoot birds, nonetheless) was the reason for not getting one. Your decision seems entirely sound, to me...not that you do or should care what I think. HAHA!

Yes I do care what you think. There are a few reasons why the a99 does not appeal to me and there are tons of reasons why it does appeal to me. It is an incredible camera. But the lack of the flash stops the deal cold. I shoot a lot more things than birds. Insects and butterflies always need a flash. Same with people, but I rarely shoot people.

I just took some shots of my cat on the dash and she was massively backlit by the windshield of my RV. I used the flash and both the cat and the cottonwood trees outside are properly lit. With a cat I have to act real fast or the moment will pass and the cat will be somewhere else. If I had to mess around with putting the flash on my camera I would have never got the shot.

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