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You're spot on. If you are not quality obssessed or need photographs for proffessional purposes, then the superzooms are the way to go. After all, a good photo does not just depend on the gear but the user too. A good photo can still come out from a super zoom. Nowadays, the quality of zoom lenses has closed in on primes. The same rule applies to super zooms. The sx50 is a great choice along with others, e.g. the fujifilm x s1. Though a point of advise is to not use digital zoom now.

+1 to your points of view.

I shoot with an older Panasonic FZ50 and I've had several folks make positive comments and ask me what camera I used to take the pictures while they viewed the prints.  This includes indoor photos, though I do use an external flash in bounce mode at special events.  The newer FZ150 and now the FZ200 are even better than the FZ50.  It does not require a DSLR to get pictures that the general public thinks are good.

I would never get a DSLR because I won't carry an extra lens, won't change lenses, want the smaller size & lighter weight and want zoom ranges while on trips.  But that doesn't mean DSLRs are bad.  It just means that I prefer superzoom cameras.  They provide all the quality that my wife and I want in our pictures.

Different strokes for different folks,

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