Sony NP-FM500H on sale at Sears (USA)

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Jim N'AZ Veteran Member • Posts: 7,462
Bought two today and five more still available

alphacam wrote:

I think they were saying the fakes ones were from ebay and amazon. The ones i bought at Sears today... all are in the older packaging style (of course who wants to buy it at their everyday high price!). They were indeed marked Clearance but still under their security latch/lock. All batteries appear to be genuine from the brown-R-G-B hologram-thing and etc markings mentioned earlier by someone else here (and i trust Sears anyways). One battery has its serial number etched in to the black housing/plastic like the batteries from the a850 era and after. The other few batteries here have their serial numbers/codes on 2 lines (a99 style). Bye.

Just bought two at the Metro center Sears here in Phoenix @ $15.99 ea. They have five more on the rack still available as of today (Monday). The clerk told me that the reason they are clearing them out was that they are too expensive an item and they will only be stocking less expensive electronic/batteries like this in the future. They had been on the rack @ $65.99!

The Arrowhead Sears is now sold out of this terrific deal.

Regards, Jim

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