With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

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davel33 wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

KariP wrote:

Only if people want huge prints, a FF camera is really needed.

That is a misleading statement. FF sensors provides a lot of benefits compared to APS-C

1, 2.56 times more light, 2.56 times better high iso, especially useful in wedding shooting where the best photos are often un-staged, real emotional shots. fast SS and good high iso is essential.

2, with a lot of people clustering in most weddings, good subject isolation can be the difference between an amazing photo to one where the viewer can not tell who is the subject. FF cameras are much better at this and can do so with much cheaper lenses. (for example FF with 85 F1.8 would give you better isolation than APS-C with 50 F1.2L which cost four times the money)

3, FF will always produce sharper image at the same resolution, e.g. 5D3 image resized to 18mp is always sharper than 60D's and native 5D3 image is always sharper than 60D's upscaled to 23mp.

Ya see ultimitsu the problem with your answer is its misleading also. One good reply to your 3 points is "How good is good enough" and it seems like your answer is 24X36.

My post was never about "FF is good enough". if you read that into my post then you have misread it. my post to to illustrate the falsity of the "Only if people want huge prints, a FF camera is really needed" claim and my points collectively explain the numerous more important benefits of FF sensor. Larger printing is actually pretty far behind on the list.

One could say the same thing you do in your 3 points about 24X36 and real FF camera, could they not?

what is the difference between a 24x36 to "FF" camera? Full frame is generally only referred to 135 format. Or were you talking about Medium format 45 x 30? if so then my answer to your question is:

1, one can not say the same thing because MF cameras all use CCD which actually do pretty badly in high iso.

2, I know of no MF camera that has the same speed or accuracy of current generation FF135 cameras because they are not desigened for it, therefore while they may be good for staged and posed shots, they would be hopeless if you wanted to catch un-posed shots.

3, on the point about subject isolation and lens cost, MF lenses are vastly more expensive than 135 lenses, to gett he same subject isolation as 85 F1.8 on FF, you will need to spend 8 to 10 times more money on a MF lens.

4, But even if one can say the same thing (an affirmative to your question)  it still doesnt matter because as I have said my original post was never about "FF is good enough".

The G1X sensor is 6 times bigger then then G15 does this mean its 6 times better, na I dont think so.

I do not know if they are or they are not 6 times different, but I know they are different sensors, one is CCD and one is CMOS (thus different trade off and considerations apply). However all canon APS-C and FF are based on the same CMOS design therefore areas is directly related to high iso IQ. It is actually pretty much evident in DXO's iso test. 18mp APS-C s score 900~ish while 5D3 gets 2300 and 1DX get 2800. In line with 2.56 times difference estimation.

So how good is good enough Is the average person going to see the difference on a 8X10 print?

while sharpness difference is often hidden in small prints, difference in colour, dynamic range and subject isolation are constant regardless of printing size.

It seems that most pros cant tell the difference in good bokeh and bad bokeh so how can the average person?

Bokeh is not a sensor quality. It need not to be involved in this discussion.

You are correct in your statements but I am not sure it really makes any difference in the end Besides we all know its the person behind the lens and not the lens, dont we?

Assumption is that the person behind the lens is the same, he can get better slowly at his own pace. the question is given his abilities, can FF camera produce better results. Answer is, assuming he knows what he is doing, FF cameras will definitely produce very tangible and obvious improvements.

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