Who is disappointed with the Oly 45mm lens?

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Re: I wouldnt beat yourself up over this picture ...

If this tells you anything more about what went wrong, I'd appreciate the diagnosis.


Its great seeing the original shot - particularly the uncropped one...

First of all the "double image" artifacts on the glasses frames have disappeared. My conclusion from that is that these were indeed artifacts caused by the sharpening which - as you probably know - can produce "halos" if you are forced to oversharpen...

Looking at the two faces they are both blurred now - her more than him I think.

But looking at other bits of the photo there are some bits that are reasonably sharp .. so for example the texture on her pink shirt next to her arm - where there is a reasonably defined quilted pattern.

Similarly his arm isn't too bad with reasonably defined hairs above the elbow...

Sooo..... I think they both had their heads moving very slightly as you took the shot - the girl a bit more than the guy. I don't think its you moving the camera because if it was the whole photo would have the same level of blur whereas bits of their lower bodies appear to be sharp - probably because their lower bodies were still

I got to emphasize I am NOT an expert but if it was my photo then I would conclude that I had not used a high enough shutter speed for my active adults - who I don't think were perfectly still. Really you cant insist everyone stays stock still otherwise you wouldn't get natural photos and your photo certainly looks natural and un-posed. I get this all the time with my kids of course and have to use higher speeds but some adults move around a bit as well - and maybe they couldnt help being distracted slightly by the dog (ok I'm obsessed by the dog !!)

That's just my view of course and it is only based on this one photo but I'll put it out there for what its worth. Would appreciate other peoples views on this one ??? What do you think ???

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