Lightroom corrupting Canon Raw files Redux

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Re: Lightroom corrupting Canon Raw files Redux

francoferretti wrote:

Sorry about my english very poor.

I had the same problem during the work flow in LR on two different external hard disk and same images.

2 months ago, I brought back a few thousand images from Peru. Each day, I copied the Canon 5d raw images to a portable hard drive. When i got home I imported the contents of that folder using Copy into a new portable hard disk. All the images were perfect since 2 days ago, during a development in LR i noticed that several of the images were corrupted, become corrupted, in few second many images (87) were corrupted one at one till i turn off LR. Were corrupted the same images on every two portable hard drive but were perfect since two days ago.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


If I understand correctly you are saying that the images are corrupted on 2 separate discs? Are the same images corrupted on both discs? Or some on one disc and some on another disc? It seems very unlikely that 2 separate discs would both go bad at the same time and for the same images.

The first thing to say is that it seems very unlikely that LR is causing your problem since Lightroom does not re-write your images; it only creates new versions. If you are using raw images then LR could not write over your images since LR does not write raw images other than in dng format and your 5D does not create dng images natively. If you are using jpgs then you might have over-written your original images accidentally.

Given that, I would ask if you are using raw images. If so, then your problem may be fixed by loading those images into Canon's DPP (which you should have as it is free from Canon) and re-writing them, as raw, to a separate location. You could then check to see if LR will properly read your re-written raw images.

In general my guess as to liklihood would be

(1) hardware (disc, RAM memory or graphics card memory). If it is hardware the simplest solution would be to try loading the images with another machine (if you  have access to another machine) and see if the images are corrupted on that machine as well. If so, then it is hard to see how you can fix the issue.

(2) something else odd may be going on with your machine. If there is something involving an open file handle then a reboot might fix the issue (I assume you already tried that).

(3) LR itself might have become corrupted on your disc and thus trying another photo editor like DPP would give you some additional information. If you can read the images using DPP, then there is some LR issue. As I suggested you  could try re-writing them with DPP to see if LR could then access the new files.

Best of luck to you in saving your images.

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