Nex 5 - worth upgrading to 5R?

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Re: Nex 5 - worth upgrading to 5R?

I have the nexf3 and a A57 so my experience isn't with the nex5 or 5n or 5r. However I do know what you mean about the autofocus on the previous generations of nex cameras. This is what made me buy thenA57. I have kids also and I was missing so many pics due to the CDAF.

Having a nex3f I do not have the touch screen the nex5n or 5r has. This feature I do wish I had mostly for focus choosing the focus spot. Coming from point and shoots I had no idea about DOF and back focus issues. After shooting so many pics in so many situations I learned how the camera would choose something in the background to focus on instead of the childs face. This drove me crazy. Crazy enough to buy an A57 so I wouldn't keep missing so many shots of moving kids.

The one area I wish my nexf3 had was the touch screen. However I do not like the lack of pop up flash on the nex5. Many will say they never use flash and many will say flash washes out the pictures ect anyway. I will tell you that the design of the flash on the f3 and nex6 allows you to hold it up or all the way back for bounce flash. The pictures created with bounce flash are world apart from front fire flash that I will never use front fire flash.

However Sony being Sony decided to leave the touch screen off of the nex6 and decided to leave the bounce able flash off of the nex5r. No chance they could create a camera that was affordable and gave us both. Especially with the price of the lenses. (50mm 1.8 is awesom btw--buy it regardless).

So my advise would be to upgrade to the nex5r. Here is why. You have kids that will only be the age they are now once and  it will fly by in the blink of an eye. Take millions of pics and videos of them now. You may not look at all of them very often now. But someday you will and you will wish you spent a few extra dollars to capture these memories and faces in the best possible way. The PDAF can't hurt. The apps can't hurt. If nothing else it will increase your shooting of them.

Whats the real difference in what you can sell your nex5 for and how much the nex5r will cost you?

The touch screen combined with hybrid PDAF will help you get many more in focus shots.

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