Proper Blind Exposure with a Gray Card

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Re: The Crux of the Matter

panos_m wrote:

If "proper blind" exposure is that I obey the spot meter reading with the goal to reproduce the gray of the reflectance card then I need a card with the same reflectance the particular camera spot meter reads. That is different for my two cameras and obviously not 18%.

Let's assume that your camera manufacturers, knowing their sensors well, chose a good compromise for where a mid-tone should be recorded in the range of possible raw values (10.2% of full scale for the D3 and 12.5% for the GF1).

No matter what reflectance card is placed in front of their meters, each of them will always record them as the designed mid-tone.  So wouldn't you want to meter off a middle gray card to ensure that it be recorded as a mid-tone, therefore ensuring that the rest of the scene is also consequently  'properly' exposed?

And why on earth would anybody (anybody!) want to use a 12% card in this context?

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