Do any MFT cameras have PDAF or "Hybrid" AF?

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Re: Do any MFT cameras have PDAF or "Hybrid" AF?

First is the choice of lens.  The 100-300 is a good lens but I would pick the 75-300 instead because of its faster AF.  It's more expensive but Oly often offers a rebate on it.  The lack of IS hasn't bothered me at all since the shutter speeds i want for BIF are higher than the range helped by IS.  The 1/2 stop slower lens speed is compensated, to me, by its frequently useful wider zoom range.

Usually I leave the camera on 23 point focus and AFC.  AF/AE lock is on and AF/AE lock hold is on.  This lets you lock the focus (same as AFS) if that's appropriate and if a green focus square is on your subject.  If more precision is needed, I enable the small single point focus from the left edge of the 4 way controller.

I'm still trying out the IR settings and can't say which is best. If you see sharpening artifacts, back off.

IQ is peak at 400 and that is fine for BIF in good light.  800 is still good, 1600 is acceptable, and 3200 can be used if you don't crop much.

Don Parrot claims that Vivid JPEG setting is best with the EM5 and AFC - I don't find this to be true with the G5.

Steve Barnett

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