Who is disappointed with the Oly 45mm lens?

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Re: I wouldnt beat yourself up over this picture ...

zenit_b wrote:

.. when you look at it objectively you have set yourself a challenge here.. You have gone for f5 for depth of field - fair enough - you want to get all three in focus ... but then this has pushed you very close to the minimum shutter speed for that focal length (1/90). Then you have the dog wobbling around bumping into your subjects ... this would have been challenging on low res film but on a high resolution digital camera its not the perfect recipe for pixel perfect sharpness ...

Moving on to the pixel peeping - because of all the sharpening etc you have applied its a bit difficult to see how the original shot looked. I looked at the glasses frames though since there is a hard black and white edge. The guys right hand lens (as we look at it) has dropped a couple of pixels leaving a distinct double image. Looking at the girls glasses frame it appears displaced to the left and down, particularly on her right lens (as we look at it) and side frame of the glasses.

As others have said this appears to be a shock or a jolt - because of the apparent double imaging - rather than a smooth blur caused by smooth movement. (Although its just possible all your radical sharpening etc has introduced alising/halos...??)

I think a bit more analysis/data would be useful here....

a) try looking at some images that you haven't sharpened etc so you can try and see the basic fault without masking it. For example I was trying to work out where the guys hair stubble had moved to but its just a digital mush as it stands...

b) try some genuinely static images to rule out the "active dog" one way or the other !!!!

c) try using double the reciprocal of the focal length - i.e. over 1/180th second to allow for all those pixels you have got to get sharp - rather than riding so close to the hand-holding limit. That just to eliminate another variable ... i.e. if we still get the problem its not hand shake...

d) given all this talk on the forum about shutter shock (of which I know nothing BTW !!!) maybe see if you ever get the double imaging at 1/200 or faster ?

e) if you do get the double imaging again - is it consistently top right to bottom left diagonal, as it is in your example shot ? (relevant because the shutter always goes the same way)

Maybe then we could eliminate some of the possible culprits and home in on the real reason ... Happy to help if you prefer to post them up....



Thanks, Doc.

I have generated two new JPEGs from the raw.  This one, which was cropped a little (sorry, I forgot to un-crop before generating) with Lightroom:

And then I generated this one, uncropped, with Silkypix.  Neither of them have any sharpening or noise-reduction applied.

If this tells you anything more about what went wrong, I'd appreciate the diagnosis.


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