Samsung getting ready for major overhaul of it's brand image

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Re: Samsung getting ready for major overhaul of it's brand image

Samsung is massive and could eat Sony for breakfast if it wanted to. Why hasn't it? Because the NX line hasn't been a major focus so far but I believe they're in it for the long haul. Remember that Samsung are extremely popular in Korea (and the Korean home market is huge) so they've probably only been pushing NX properly there, where they have strong brand loyalty. They are building up their brand globally now, so it's now surprise they want to be considered a more premium-level electronics firm.

Remember Samsung's camera line is being built up from new foundations; Sony had the advantage of Minolta's heritage. Sony is being more innovative at the moment, but it needs to be because it's struggling to survive.

Opening up the NX lens to other manufacturers would be great, but perhaps the reason it hasn't is because of contracts that promise exclusivity to the current maker of the lenses (a microscope company I believe). I suspect that if such a contract exists that after it expires we'll see NX lenses from other companies.

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