5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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This is a fully exposed comparison and the banding and noise in lower levels from 1dx and d800= same exposure time F-stop and base iso.

Would the Member of Swedish Photographers Association since 1984 Canon, Hasselblad, Leica,Nikon, Linhoff, Sinar mind explaining what his agenda is? Or failing that would he care to let us know how he manages to repeat the same points ad infinitum without apparently getting bored by it, unlike the rest of us?

They are worth repeating.

Is there really anybody around here who hasn't seen them yet?

Anybody looking for information here will probably stumble over them.

So, assuming something should be done about the 'problem', wouldn't it make more sense to innundate Canon with the images (they can do something about it) instead of the forum (which cannot)?

Regards, Mike

AND, I'd rather have this non-problem than have my paint peel off my D800, or make sure all my focusing is done with the right hand sensors...

Ha, so true. AF and handling are so much more important to me than DR (which on every DSLR is greater than the slide film I used to love shooting). To be sure, there are rare times when my 5DIII's limitations frustrate me, but they are far fewer than the times when the D800's handling and blown left-side AF did. As ideal as some find the D800 is perfection, others such as myself find the 5DIII to be. Neither is wrong, just different users and uses for very different cameras.

One performance aspect on 5D3 that I have not seen mention much is the shutter lag and mirror blackout time.

They are still noticeably longer that those from D800.

I was shooting exclusively with my 5D3 for 10 days and then switched back to D800 and noticed how much darker D800 viewfinder was but shutter lag and specially mirror blackout times were noticeable shorter.

I don't have left focus issue on my D800 but 5D3 impresses me with its consistency.

I still haven't had a need to fine tune any of my Canon lenses, AF accuracy has been perfect so far.

Also, I've been using DPP for converting RAW files and I have not seen any banding yet even when I've tried to lift severly lift shadow area.

It seem DPP is very efficient at masking banding noise.

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