Should I give up my D700 for a D600 or D800?

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: It's a matter of need

I have a D3s and A d600 - recently sold my d700 with less than 25K on it and wished I had not! Not saying a D600 is a bad camera.. very good in fact but not as forgiving as D700 in many ways. Teh D700 also felt better in the hands, faster fps but damn noisy shutter. A lot of my work is events indoors and the D700 was great but often needed to crop - the D600 is brilliant here. Now I use the D3s over the D600 because I can see the focus points a lot clearer... is it just me? Bascially the red focus points just don't seem as bright on D600 as D700.

My photos on d600 out of camera do not look that sharp... look soft in fact. However adjust the sharpness in ViewNX and they become tack sharp.

I am pverall happy with it but wish I was able to keep the D700 as well... if you can keep your d700 and still get the d600, think that's the best way - think you will use the d700 more for sports.


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