Bad rap on Canon 50 1.4

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Re: Stop it down to f/4, then see how you like the results

liquid stereo wrote:

graphikal wrote:

You can't compare a fast consumer-grade normal prime to a pro-level f/4 zoom with both wide open. It's kumquats and oranges.

The lenses I compare Canon's 50/1.4 to are (1) Sony/Zeiss 85/1.4, (2) Minolta 35/1.4 G, (3) Minolta 28-70/2.8 G, and (4) Sony 50/1.4. These are all relatively fast lenses.

Another lens which blows it out of the water is Fuji's 35/1.4.


It's also apples and oranges to compare a 35mm lens to an 85mm lens, since the designs are so different. But compare away-- I'm not seeing an actual huge difference here.

In your original post, you were lamenting the optical differences between f/4 pro-grade telephoto zooms to an f/1.4 consumer-grade prime.  Compare them at f/4, and you may change your tune-- and that's the only way you can possibly compare them for sharpness.  And contrary to your assertions above, test results show you're wrong there as well.

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