First few shots with new LX5...

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
eagle2a Senior Member • Posts: 1,894
Re: First few shots with new LX5...

My LX5 is a great camera. It is my go to camera when I am just going out for, what ever, and not thinking of a specific shooting situation. If I am going out to shoot pictures I take the FZ200 as it has so much more reach.

Actual it was the LX5 excellent video capability that first got my interest in the FZ200.

Both of these cameras are wonderful photographic instruments. Alas, my poor forlorn, and neglected G1, sets sadly in my darkened closet, wondering what it did to cause my disaffection.

The G1 is still a wonderful camera, and any time that I feel that I may need to crop a lot, or blow a picture up to a very large size, it will be the camera that I select.


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