And the 45-150 goes back...

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Re: The OIS of the 45-150 is a complete mess!

dr_elis wrote:

My results with the new Panasonic 45-150 indicate that it´s optically rather good but the image stabilization (OIS) is very poor indeed. On older cams, like my GH1, one can´t switch the OIS off, anyhow regardless of OIS modes 1 or 2 in use the results at shutter speeds slower than 1/500 are mostly between soft and very soft. Without OIS when using the M.Zuiko 40-150 I get reliably better results for comparable focal length and shutter speeds, which indicates that the Panasonic OIS is actually detrimental for image quality. Anyhow, provided the shutter speed is fast enough the Pana 45-150 is pretty sharp - either the OIS of my sample is faulty or this lens needs a firmware update to work properly.

Interesting idea. I'll wait and see if anyone else notices this phenomenon.

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